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The Bard, whose canonical name is either "Kiwi" or "Bard"[1], is the main character of Wandersong. They were born in Chismest and live on the outskirts of Langtree.


The Bard has a small amount of brown hair (though seemingly pink due to the lighting at the start of the game) and brown eyes. They are depicted wearing a green hat with a red feather on it, of which they made themselves, and they also wear a pale green, long-sleeved shirt with brown fingerless gloves and a small, light green cloak. Their cloak's snap is gold. Their pants are green, and they wear a pair of brown boots and a belt, both of which match their gloves.

They are dressed in earth tones, perhaps as a subtle joke referencing the Earthsong.


The Bard's House.

The Bard is a kind and cheerful person who does their best to spread happiness to everyone they meet. They believe that all life is precious, and they refuse to hurt or kill any living thing unless it is absolutely necessary, such as when they tried to subdue the King of Hearts alongside Audrey. They are extremely careful to not harm even a bug (even going so far as breaking physics and gravity to do so), implying that they are very observant of their surroundings.

In doing their best to make other people happy, the Bard often disregards and ignores the things that make them upset or sad because they think that others don't want to hear negative things. Even when it's not aimed at making others happy, the Bard still had a bad coping mechanism of just pushing down their feelings and not really working through them, such as when they discover that Audrey is the real Hero.

They are very quick to try to make others feel better, as shown by their enthusiastic "We're going to save the world, Miriam!" when said witch mentions how she can't do anything heroic. Their kindness even extends to Audrey, offering her many, many chances to change and pointing out how she's special and great even without her sword, or her title as the Hero.


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    Every character in Wandersong has a different nickname for The Bard, with Miriam being the only character who uses their actual name
  • The Bard is nonbinary, but uses any pronouns. [2]
  • It is a common belief that the Bard's hair is pink, but it is actually brown. The scene where their hair is visible is color blended, turning the brown into a dark pink. If you look closely, the pink you see is the same color their boots and gloves are in the same color blended room.