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Miriam is a young witch from Delphi.

She is the deuteragonist of Wandersong.


Miriam has short, light blue hair cut into a messy bob. She has blue eyebrows, purple eyes, and a long nose. She wears a long sleeve purple dress, purple boots, a pair of blue striped stockings, a pink cape that reaches mid-back, and a pair of gold hoop earrings. She occasionally has a broom with her, which she can fly with.


Miriam is grumpy, serious, and a tad impatient in contrast to the Bard's more upbeat demeanor. She keeps her feelings to herself.

Despite her prickly exterior, she cares deeply for her grandmother, Sapphire, and appreciates the Bard's honesty and authenticity.


  • Miriam is introduced on a ledge in Langtree to show the player how layers work. This was done before she was established as an important character in the story.