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Ash is an accordion player who is staying in Delphi.

They are a member of the band from Delphi, along with Manny, The Bard, and Viola.


Ash has medium-length pink hair, and wears a purple suit. They are always carrying their accordion.


Ash is nervous, especially in front of an audience.


  • In game data, Ash's files have the name "Clara," but the same name is also used in association with their mother.
  • Ash was designed by a friend of Greg's, Noel Berry, they were made as the lead character in an "Inktober" serial comic the two were working on. The comic opened with them playing music to their mentor's gravestone, and their mentor's ghost rose from the grave and joined in. Greg thought that was a powerful scene, and incorporated it into the game, with Noel's permission.
    • Said Inktober comic can be found here.